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Advertise today, help your business grow and win customers in your local area. Add a free listing today, reach new customers and promote your business online with our UK business directory.

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Free Advertising

What’s included with free advertising?

Our free advertising is quite possibly the best free business listing on the internet. Unlike other online directories our free business listings include a hyperlink, helping you drive visitors to your company website or online shop.

Grow your social following with links to your preferred social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Tell customers about your business with our free-text description and increase brand awareness when you upload your company logo.

How will free advertising benefit my business?

  1. Drive visitors to your website
  2. Grow your social following
  3. Tell customers about your business
  4. Increase brand awareness

What will my free advertising or free business listings look like?

Join one of the UK’s favourite free online business directories today!

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Free advertising is limited to one category and one region per business listing. If you think your business needs more, then check out our business advertising options.

Business Advertising

Advertise locally, generate leads and start winning new customers with business advertising.

Business Advertising – £9.99 Per Month – 30 Day Free Trial

Why business advertising?

Win more customers – Whether you’re looking to generate more website visitors, add to your social following or grow your online sales, we’re here to help.

Advertise locally – Target counties, regions and cities, be seen by local customers and keep them coming back time and time again.

Be visible online – Stand out from your competition and be seen when people search for the things you offer.

Spread the cost – Make the most of your advertising budget, stay in control of your finances and spread the cost with our flexible pay monthly plan.

We’re helping you succeed  – Be confident knowing our team of experts are on hand for technical guidance, advice and support.

What is included in my business advertising?

Our business advertising is a brilliant way to be found online and help you win new customers. Your listing includes all the best bits of free business listings, combined with some rather special additional features, making our business listing one of the best on the web.

We aim to position your business at the top of the search results for your chosen business category, targeting counties, regions or cities. Your profile is exclusive, so shows none of your competitors.

How will business advertising benefit my business?

  1. Boost your search rankings
  2. Generate more leads
  3. Win new customers

Unlimited Service & Support | Unlimited Listing Updates | 30 Day Free Trial

What will my business advertising look like?

Below is an example of our business advertising.

Why use free advertising or free business listings and how will they help my business?

There are many ways people can find a local business. Search engines, online directories,  printed directories, display advertising, social media and recommendations are all very effective ways to promote your business.

Whilst word of mouth, print advertising and traditional display advertising remain some of the most popular methods of promotion, many business owners are switching to digital marketing methods due to recent changes in consumer habits.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and online directories such as, Thomson Local and receive millions of requests from customers looking for information, products and services.

More recently, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also being used by marketers to target customers from a specific demographic or niche.

Why are people using search engines and directories?

Search engines and directories make it extremely quick and easy to find information, read customer reviews and discover local businesses. Your free business listing will be visible across our small business directory as well as search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This will increase visits to your company website, grow your social following and make it easier for local customers to find your business online.

Advantages of digital marketing VS traditional marketing

Digital marketing helps the little guy take on the big guy! Previously, small businesses would have struggled to compete against the financial might and operational size of larger corporations. However nowadays, with a good online presence and well thought out website, small businesses can compete on a level playing field.

Additionally, in comparison to expensive advertising methods such as the Yellow Pages, magazine ads and leaflet drops, digital marketing is relatively low cost. This helps you make the most from your marketing budget.

Analytical tools provide real time customer responses making it easy to collect data and measure your marketing campaign’s success. You can also tweak your offering in real time to improve results.

I don’t have a website, why should my business advertise online?

If your small business isn’t online then you could be missing out on customers right on your doorstep! Our free advertising or free business listing will get your business online today.

Get Free Advertising

Low cost advertising and cheap advertising tips

Create a Facebook page

Creating a Facebook page couldn’t be easier, simply click the “Create a Page” button, fill out the forms and you’re good to go. It’s really that simple! You can add your contact information, business hours, uploaded photos, company logo etc…Once you’ve got your page up and running you can post updates, invite people to like your page and develop an online following. Once people have “liked” your page they can recommend and share it with their friends. Facebook pages are free of charge however you can purchase upgrades and boost posts for additional coverage and features.


A blog is a great way to tell your story, express yourself and keep customers updated. It’s also another great way to get free advertising and publicity for your small business. You can keep your blog posts strictly business or blog about personal interests as well, it’s entirely up to you.

Many websites such as Godaddy, 1&1 and come with a blog added as part of their website hosting package. However, if you haven’t got a website yet we’d recommend you create a free blog with WordPress to get things started.

Classified Ads and Advertising in Magazines & Newspapers

Whilst it’s difficult to track the effectiveness of classified advertising in local magazines and newspapers they still remain a very popular form of low-budget advertising. Distribution is often across your local area so your ad will usually target people in close proximity to your business or shop.

Classified ads encourage readers to respond by telephone so can be effective at finding customers who wouldn’t traditionally use the internet to find local tradesmen or businesses.

Finally, classified advertising is relatively low cost depending on the type of publication, distribution, geographical area and size of the ad space, so you can typically expect to spend anything between £5 – £100 per line.

Display Advertising

Display advertising or media advertising is more expensive than classified ads. Again, the pricing depends on the type of publication, readership, geographical area, size of the ad etc…

Ad spaces are split into ¼ page, ½ page and full page segments and you’ll pay considerably more for a back page advertisement. Expect to spend approximately £250 – £300 for ¼ page ads, £500 – £700 for ½ page ads and £1,000 upwards for a full page advert. Before you buy always consider the circulation of the publication, definitely ask for a discount and remember you’ll pay less for each individual ad if you run your ad multiple times.

Business Cards and Branded Stationery

It’s standard business practice to exchange business cards at meetings, conferences and exhibitions. That way people can remember your name and quickly find your contact details when they need them. Additionally, if you give away branded stationery such as pens, coffee mugs, and carrier bags the recipient will inadvertently be advertising your business for you.

Business cards are reasonably low cost at approximately £14.00 for 50 cards, £27.00 for 100 cards, £48.00 for 200 cards and £82.00 for 400 cards. Branded stationery, on the other hand, does vary depending on the item required.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is writing a post on someone else’s blog. This gives your business additional exposure to other bloggers and readerships. If they like what you’ve said then perhaps they’ll link to the article, share the post via social media or tell someone else about the article. You may even get another guest blog opportunity out of it! You should be able to write a reasonable blog post within a couple of hours, so it’s not too time consuming and all contributes towards growing your online presence. Again, it’s completely free of charge.

Networking and Events

There could be a small entry fee depending on the type of event however the majority of seminars, workshops and exhibitions are free of charge. You might have to surrender your email address, but it’s worth it! Networking with other business owners is a great way to develop business relationships, make new contacts and discover opportunities so make sure you go with a pocket stuffed full of business cards.

Free Advertising and Business Advertising Features

Here are the individual features of business advertising and a brief description of how each feature will benefit your business.

  • Company Logo – Increases business exposure and improves brand awareness.
  • Contact Information – Allows customers to contact you directly via your prefered method of communication, whether that be telephone, email or website.
  • Location Map – Allows customers to see where you are located and quickly find your small business or shop.
  • Social Media – Shows the popularity of your business and helps you grow and develop your online following.
  • Customer Testimonials – Builds trust with new customers and shows the quality of service you provide.
  • Links – More visitors to your company website.
  • Text Links – Helps increases your position on search engine rankings such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Image Links – Improves the chance of customers “clicking through” and increases visitors to your website.
  • Business Description – Lets you tell your story and describe the products and services you offer.
  • Bullet Points – Clearly explains the things you offer.
  • Categorise your business –  Helps you be seen by people searching for the things you offer.
  • Locations – Targets customers in counties, regions or cities helping you win new customers in your area.