An Introduction to Xero accounting software and online bookkeeping

In a land predominantly dominated by sheep, where the rugby player is king and the locals get the same amount of rain as us here in England. There sits a software company, hard at work, developing what could possibly be the best cloud-based accounting software in the world!

By process of elimination you’ve probably narrowed it down to either Wales or New Zealand, so to clarify they’re the team that play “all in black,” and if that’s still not clear, I’m talking about New Zealand. Xero originates from New Zealand.

Things have grown tremendously since Xero’s inception in 2006, with approximately 1500 employees they now boast operations on a global scale including offices in New York, Sydney, Singapore, London, and even Milton Keynes!

So why Xero, what’s so great about it?

That’s a very good question. I’ll kick this off by saying you’re probably fine with your current accounts system. I wouldn’t change a thing and if your accountant got hit by a bus or the photocopier decides to spontaneously combust causing an office fire then everything will carry on working as normal won’t it? Won’t it?

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